Shake your Groove Thing

Grey's Anatomy Quotes

Remember when you were a kid..
and your biggest worry was like..
if you'd get a bike for your birthday
or if you'd get to eat cookies for breakfast?
Being an adult - totally overrated..
I mean, seriously..
don't be fooled by all the hot shoes and the great sex..
and the no parents anywhere telling you what to do...
Adulthood is responsibility...
Responsibility - it really does suck...
Really, really sucks...
Adults have to be places and do things..
and earn a living and pay the rent...
And if you're training to be a surgeon..
holding a human heart in your hands..
Hello! Talk about responsibility!..
Kind of makes bikes and cookies look really, really good, doesn't it?

I wish I could hold a heart.
A monkey could hold a heart.

The scariest part about responsibility?...
When you screw up and let it slip right through your fingers.

- What kind of pain are you having?
- Oh, man, the pain's bad. It's like a thousand samurai warriors stabbing their swords into my spine.

Tomorrow, the two of you are going to meet with me and legal, and you better damn well be able to explain what happened here. People poking holes in hearts and leaving towels.

Unfortunately, once you get past the age of braces and training bras..
responsibility doesn't go away...
It can't be avoided...
Either someone makes us face it..
or we suffer the consequences.
And still, adulthood has its perks...
I mean, the shoes, the sex, the no parents anywhere telling you what to do..
that's pretty damn good.

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