Dark Angel

Episode: Designate This

Eyes Only:
Do not attempt to adjust your set..
This is a streaming freedom video bulletin...
The cable hack will last exactly sixty seconds..
It cannot be traced, it cannot be stopped..
and it is the only free voice left in this city.

Max: Kiss my transgenic ass!

Alec: I'm your breeding partner.
Max : My what?
Alec: We're supposed to copulate every night until you get pregnant.
Max : That's sick!
Alec: It's your own fault.If you and your friends hadn't blown up the DNA database,they'd still be whipping up embryos and putting
them into surrogates.

Lydecker: You all right?
Logan : You shot me!
Lydecker: I told you to duck. It just winged you.

Max : I'm gonna call you Alec.
Alec: Alec? As in smart aleck. I can live with that.
Max : Good. 'Cause my second choice was Dick.

Max: Guess I'm supposed to be curious and ask what that means.

Alec: I guess if you escape, I'll get a new breeding partner.
Max : Now we're talking.

Max: People tend to get scared of things that are different.

Max: The whole time I was at Manticore, all I wanted was my strange little life back. Never figured it could get any stranger.

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