Gilmore Girls

Episode: Say Goodbye to Daisy Miller

Richard: Emily, this feud of ours has now reached comical heights that…Charlie Chaplin, himself, would find hilarious, and he's dead.

Emily : I'm going to have two glasses of wine at lunch every single day.
Richard: Only prostitutes have two glasses of wine at lunch.
Emily : Well, then buy me a boa and drive me to Reno because I am open for business.

Taylor: One of my shoes is missing, and the other has been chewed.
Michel: Is this a riddle? I'm very busy.

Emily : If you don't come down here right now, I will climb out the window.
Richard: You will not climb out the window.
Emily : I will. I will climb out the window right now.
Richard: Don't you dare.
Emily : I'm doing it. I'm climbing out the window.
Richard: You better not climb out the window.
Emily : Damn it.
Richard: Emily Gilmore, I better not catch you climbing out the window.
Emily : I'm out the window. I'm out the window.

Emily: Petal Huffington reads the police blotter religiously. It's like heroin to her.

Taylor: Oh, no problem, Luke. Butt right in. I couldn't possibly be talking about anything important.

Lorelai: We need you to look at Kirk's butt.
Sookie : Why?
Lorelai: Well, because he ran into some rose bushes, and he's got some thorns stuck in it and I thought of you.
Sookie : Me? Why me?
Luke : Well, because... you're a chef.
Sookie : What?
Lorelai: And you have a kid.
Luke : Yes, that's better. You have a kid. Neither of us has kids. Well, she does, but it's big and - and - and can look at her own butt.

Sookie: Call me Belinda, 'cause my lips are sealed.

Taylor: I was talking to you, and you just walked away from me.
Michel: Oh, I'm sorry, I thought you were calling someone else.
Taylor:Someone else named Michel?
Michel:If only I could read minds. What can I do for you?

Lorelai: So, wow, you're really separated?
Emily : That's right. Your father's moving into the pool house.
Lorelai: So then you're not separated.
Emily : Of course we are.
Lorelai: You're separated by the pool.
Emily : That's it. That's the end of your input on this.

Lorelai: That man is why mail-order brides were invented.

Sookie: You're not gonna die alone. I mean, somebody will be there. Somebody will know. Somebody will find the body and call the police and...

Lorelai: If one of us had been a frog, it would have had some seriously impressive consequences.

Rory: Why are you whispering?
Lane: Because I just think that no matter where she is, my mom can hear this conversation.

Emily: Well, I wanted to leave quickly, so I called my travel agent and insisted that he put me on tonight's plane to Paris no matter what. He finally managed to bump someone from a church group, and I've got my seat.

Emily: I'll call Ralphie right away and tell him to bump another Baptist.

Lorelai: So, where are you right now?
Rory : About 10 minutes from "if I lived here, I'd blow my brains out."


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