Gilmore Girls Quotes, A Messenger, Nothing More

What language do you speak..
If you speak at all?..

Ms Patty: Keep it going, kids. You're red, you're delicious. You're about to have the juice sucked out of you. There she is - our spunky entrepreneur.
Lorelai: I am the uber-Trump-Murdoch-Maximus. Oop. Apple down.
Ms Patty: Apple down. Apple down! Hold it, everybody! Apple down! Okay, roll her over. Have a nice day.

Lane: Okay, guys, what'll you have?
Zach: Burger for me - nothing healthy on it, extra cheese - and, of course, an order of... wink-winkers.
Lane: You don't have to call them that, Zach.
Zach: Just want to make myself clear.

Lane: You know, people are calling you "the blur."
Lorelai: That's mean. Or is it? What is that?
Lane: You're not around, and you're always running - swoosh, blur.
Lorelai: Well, that's business, baby. If you slow down, they might catch up with you.

Lane: Luke's calling the Renaissance Faire his "Vietnam without all the fun shooting. "

Lane: I made it extra strong. It should blacken your teeth and rot your stomach.
Lorelai: Bless you.

Lane: You are ready to swoosh.
Lorelai: The blur is off.

Hotel worker: It's a spectacular view. Very nice. A little balcony there.
Emily: It's different.
Hotel worker: Something is different?
Emily: The view - it's different.
Rory: Wow. It's pretty spectacular.
Emily: It's not the same.
Hotel worker: It's the same room you had two years ago, Signora - 518.
Emily: The ruins - they used to be closer. Something move?
Hotel worker: I don't think so.
Emily: That pillar is in a different place.
Rory: I think the ruins are probably where they've been for the past 2,000 years, Grandma.

Lorelai: Um, what are you doing?
Michel: Hiding.
Lorelai: From me?
Michel: No.
Lorelai: From?
Michel: Suffice to say, my hiding is not costing the inn any income. In fact, I'm overdue for my 10. So consider this my 10, and you are now conducting business with an employee who is officially on his 10, which is in direct violation of union rules.
Lorelai: You're not in a union.
Michel: I'm in a union of oppressed Frenchmen.

Lorelai: Hello?
Emily: Lorelai, it's your mother!
Lorelai: Hi, Mom.
Emily: I'm calling from Rome!
Lorelai: The line is crystal clear. You don't have to yell.
Emily: Sorry - I still think transcontinental calls are a bigger deal than they are.

Rory: We probably could have gotten all this stuff at home, Grandma.
Emily: But if you buy them back in the States, then you can't say, "I picked this up in Rome. "

Sookie: Two weeks ago, I come in, and my refrigerator, which is sorted by a system that I have honed for 10 straight years, is completely rearranged. The beets are on the top. The vegetables are on the bottom. I couldn't find anything in there for days. I kept reaching in for strawberries and coming up with liver - that's not pleasant.
Lorelai: I promise not to touch the fridge again.

Sookie: How many times have you fallen asleep at your desk in that stupid office of yours?
Lorelai: Once.
Sookie: No. Once, you fell asleep on a stapler. The whole next day, you had "Swingline" printed backwards across your face. But you've fallen asleep at that desk a hundred times.

Rory: I was at the corner of Bark and Cheese today. And it's exactly the same.
Lorelai: Exactly the same? Was there a tiny, little Italian dog in a basket barking the whole time you were there?
Rory: Not this time, but I definitely had flashbacks.

Lorelai: You weren't wearing your "hot and wealthy" sandwich board, were you, Mom?

Emily: I bring you back a charming, cultured, well-mannered young lady. Don't undo it.
Lorelai: I will definitely try not to not undo it.

Lane: I need to know if you think I'm in love with Zach, 'cause a dirty trollop suggested it, and they're generally reliable about these things.

Lorelai: But this is America, where we unapologetically bastardize other countries' cultures
in a gross quest for moral and military supremacy.

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