Winning a Battle, Losing the War

Grey's Anatomy Quotes

We live out our lives on the surgical unit...
7 days a week, 14 hours a day...
We're together more than we're apart.
After a while...
the ways of residency...
become the ways of life.

Number one...Always keep score.
Number whatever you can to outsmart the other guy.
Number three..don't make friends with the enemy.
Oh, and yeah, number four..Everything...Everything is a competition.
Whoever said winning wasn't everything...
never held a scalpel.

- Smoking will kill you.
- Liver cancer will kill me. Smoking will just speed up the process.

- If he doesn't respond to these tests in the next 5 hours, what? We're supposed to just stand here and watch him die?
- If he doesn't respond to these tests, it's because he's already dead.
- Technically. Legally?
- Actually, Izzie. Actually dead.

People do wake up..
That's why we do a series of tests over a set number of hours...
So when we call "time of death,"
we know that we've done everything..
to make sure it's actually his time of death...
That there's isn't going to be any miracles.

- This is the hard stand around as surgeons and not cut.
- That's what "do no harm" means.
- I wish he'd just go into the light so I can get on another case.

Oh, I'm the devil because I'd rather be in surgery instead of standing watch over the death squad?

- Got to get the cyclists who were too drunk, stupid, or scared to get to a hospital yesterday. Meanwhile, she gets to do a freakin' organ harvest.
- It kills you, doesn't it? That women caught the harvest.
- No, it kills me that anybody got the harvest but me. Boobs do not factor into this equation. Unless, uh, you want to show me yours.

There's another way to survive this competition...
a way no one ever seems to tell you about..
one you have to learn for yourself...
Number's not about the race at all...
There are no winners or losers...
Victories are counted by the number of lives saved...
And once in a while, if you're smart..
the life you save could be your own.

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