Funny Quotes, Smallville Quotes, Act 17

Funny Quotes
Smallville TV Show
Episode: Bound

Lex: I take it you saw my "Walk of Shame" on the news?

Mrs Teague: I know this sounds impossibly British, but I can't bring myself to drink tea from a mug.

Chloe: Where have you been all afternoon?
Clark: I went to see Lionel at the prison.
Chloe: Why, are you backlogged with your Community Service hours or something?

Clark: Wait, I thought Lex's attorneys had all this under lock and key.
Chloe: Well, she may know people at the top, but I know people at the bottom, and they work for tips.

Lionel: I want to be your father... Lex. If you'll let me.
Lex: You've got your health, Dad. Don't expect another miracle.

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